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Hand-made Custom Sign Garland

Image of Hand-made Custom Sign Garland


We'll give you 15 characters - anything you want, knock yourself out!

Choose a name, "happy birthday", "i love you", "welcome", "merry christmas", "clean your room", ...

It's the same style as our "celebrate" garland: hand-painted letters on graph paper for that modern-graphic punch. The twine is a neutral color. It is simple to store, simply fold it back up, letter over letter, and tuck away until the next celebration.

The signs pair very well with our Colorful Paper Bunting!

Dimensions: The length depends on the amount of letters you choose, but probably around 10 ft long. Letters are 7.5 in. long x 5.5 in. wide.

[Due to the hand-made nature of our products, variations may occur.]