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Colorful Paper Bunting

Image of Colorful Paper Bunting


Nothing says it's a celebration quite like colorful bunting. We are kind of addicted.

You can choose between "triangle shaped" flag bunting, or the "medieval shaped" flag bunting (rectangle with a slight fork at the bottom). The medieval bunting is pictured here.

It's easy to store - just simply fold up, flag over flag, and save until you are ready to use it again.

Best of all - you choose up to 5 colors you want and we will make it to suit your fancy.

The colorful paper bunting pairs very well with our custom signs or "celebrate" sign!

Dimensions: Flags are about 5.5 in. tall x 5.5 in. wide; bunting is approx. 10 ft long

[Due to the hand-made nature of our products, slight variations may occur]